Time is the only sparse commodity on earth. Time does not honor, respect or bow to those of personal wealth or fortune. Time is the great equalizer; each person gets 24 hours a day, no more, no less.


  • Too busy
  • Too much to do
  • Too many demands
  • Too little quality help
  • Too tired
  • Too selfish
  • Too distracted
  • Too anxious
  • Too talkative
  • Too angry

TIME TRAP TEST – rank yours #1 through #10. #1 being your most common time trap.


#Too busy is an excuse. People do what they want to do!
#Too much to do is self-hero worship.
#Too many demands is self-pity.
#Too little quality help is devaluing people.
#Too tired is poor time management.

#Too selfish is trying to be your own god.
#Too distracted is lack of self-discipline.
#Too anxious is an indication of not trusting.
#Too talkative is a sign of insecurity.
#Too angry is evidence of buried hurt and bitterness.

TRUE STORY (Not a real name; it could be you or me):

Zoltan is a dear friend. He has a manager’s job. Big job. This is a typical conversation with Zman as he hustles by….

“Hey Z, Great to see you.”

“Fred, I love you. Great to see you; can’t talk now, I’m off to another meeting.”

Finally, I gently confront Zolt with these kind words,

“Zolt, you know how special you are to me. Is there any way I can be of value to you? You seem to be so distracted and anxious.”

“No, Fred, I am doing fine. Things will settle down soon.”

Which ones of the listed time traps would you diagnose Zoltan to be caged in based on this information?

My dear friend is living in a world of TIME TRAPS. Zolt’s thoughts are he is too busy, too much to do and not enough help, have become commonplace words. His words have become actions of walking at too quick of a pace, shallow conversations and face looking uptight. Soon these acts will become habits.

If Zolt does not change, his destiny will be a new job in 2 to 5 years. This is my prediction

As for Fred Crowell’s time traps, I was able to escape my time traps for many years by running as fast as possible.

I suspect I listed the 10 Time Traps because each one of them has trapped me often over the past 75 years.

Too tired is the one I am fighting daily. The heavy meds I am taking have robbed me if energy, but thankfully keep me alive.

As of today my thoughts and words will be focused on being strong and filled with energy. Actions will be hitting the weight room, walking, and golfing. Too tired will cease from my vocabulary. It is not my intention to brag about what I do for the Lord knows how often I have failed and been caught up in the time traps.

My hope is to inspire and encourage you dear Word’s of Hope friend to identify your time traps and get out of them. This is true freedom!

Action steps:
1. Examine the 10-time traps
2. Identify the one you want to escape
3. Make a plan
4. Do the hard work.

Your life depends on you winning the TIME TRAP WAR!

Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. – Psalm 90:8