The human gut has 80% of the immune system to fight disease. Best to take care of the gut. Don’t you agree?

Coaches routinely take “Gut Checks” on their teams. Great teams have guts!

Call it, “Fire in the belly.”
Call it, “The fight factor.”
Call it, “Never, never quit.”
Call it, RPE, relentless pursuit of excellence.
Call it what you will! It doesn’t matter!

Facts are:

Guts don’t ask if it is hard!
Guts don’t care if you try.
Guts don’t care if you fail.
Guts don’t care if you don’t feel good.
Guts get it done.
Guts don’t care if the whole world is against you.
Guts don’t quit!

Guts care if you seek help.
Guts care if you keep trying.
Guts care if you correct wrongs.
Guts care if you give it good nutrition in body, mind, and spirit.

It takes guts in our stomach to fight disease. Your gut is your immune system.

It takes guts to battle the diseases that seek to destroy the precious life force the Master Planner gave us. It takes guts to take a deep dive to do a total gut check on yourself and confirm the validity of your self-diagnosis by having a trusted other give you a brutal gut check.

The notion of doing a Word of Hope in TIME FOR A GUT CHECK has been brewing in Crowell for the past few weeks.

My experience says people hate gut checks of any kind.

Brutal existential self-diagnosis is avoided at all costs. It rarely happens.

A request to have key people in our lives give us an honest “gut check evaluation” is as rare as precious gems being found by avid searchers.

No other life gut check has been more honest and more brutal than oncology stats. For six years, each month, it is cancer gut check time.  

The months I was given permission to miss was like heaven on earth. The Cancer gut check is brutally honest. They tell me the score. They are a tool to keep me alive.

Why is it we dislike and avoid Gut Checks?

Why is it so hard to ask our boss to give us a job gut check?

Why don’t parents ask their kids to do a parenting gut check?

I confess, I resist asking for gut checks. I go to the oncologist each month in total dread. My blood pressure elevates regardless of the measures I take to be calm.

Prediction: if 100 people read Today’s Words of Hope, about 2% will actually do a full gut check.

Hope I will be one of them! If you want a copy of my GUT CHECK DIAGNOSIS FORM email me: fred@nbccamps, but don’t ask to read my evaluation ?.