• Is it possible that 2019 could be the best year ever in your entire life? Even if it were remotely possible why not go for it?  What do we have to lose?


Fred’s personal invitation to join him. 

Rules of engagement:

  1. Have one partner. 
  2.  Email to join the “Crowell Best Year Ever.”

Make your goals; use Fred’s model to help map out your plan. 

2019 WIN BIG – Best Year of my life:

Crowell ‘s MISSION: love God and people. Live life fully one day at a time. 

Crowell’s Five Core Values:

  1. Forgive as I wish to be forgiven. 
  2.  Live right here, right now. 
  3. Embrace hardship as the path to victory. 
  4. Detach from wants. Enough is enough.
  5. Lean into trusting Jesus as my ultimate source for all things.

Crowell’s Daily Action Plan:

Mission Monday – Bring from the subconscious to the conscious mind level; How do I want to live? How will I live my mission?

Terrific Tuesday – Live in such a way that the creation of one terrific experience is my reality each and every Tuesday. Keep a record for year. 

Wonderful Wednesday – Bring to the conscious level all the wonders around me, in and through me. See the small miracles!

Thankful Thursday  – Accelerate and expand the gift of a thankful heart. Moment by moment live in thankfulness. 

Forgiving Friday – Forgive people as I wish people would forgive me. Rid self of all anger, resentment, bitterness, and negative talk about others. 

Sunshine Saturday – Focus to make my own interior sunny weather. This is my day to enjoy. relax, restore, and rejoice day.

Silence Sunday – Silence is the essential nourishment for all virtues to grow to full bloom.

Silence is like the pure water springs from the earth. Without silence, virtues starve.

Silence is the first step to discover one’s sacred place. The secret garden is where God can be experienced at the deepest levels.

We alone create our own personal sacred and secret place. No one can do it for us.

Once we enter our sacred place we are now ready to begin the journey to our secret garden hidden in our soul and spirit. 

Every person has a secret garden. Unfortunately far too many live a lifetime and never experience its wonders.

For those who find their secret garden, know and understand it is the best vacation place in the world. No place on earth surpasses the grace and beauty of being in the presence of Abba Father, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  

Crowell Daily Exercises to Win 2019.

  1. Journal five gratitudes. Speak them out loud. 
  2. Practice silence. 3 times a day. Perfect stillness for 60 seconds each time. 
  3. Breathe 4 to10 times in repetition with deep noise inhalations and pursed lips slow exhalations. 
  4. Speak out loud the Big 5 proclamations:
  • God is who He says He is!
  • God does what he says He will do!
  • I am who God says I am, not who I think I am!
  • God’s word is alive and active in me and I am believing God!
  • I can do all things through Jesus Christ!

The Fred Crowell WAR CRY to WIN LIFE destroy dirty, lying cancer!

What is your WAR CRY?

This is mine:

Be joyful always
Pray without ceasing
In all things give thanks
For this is God’s will
In Christ Jesus
Fred Crowell