St. Augustine, a fourth-century theologian, and philosopher was considered one of the most respected followers of the Master of all masters. He influenced his many followers to learn to discover The Master Within. His inner reception of Christ’s light became a miracle new birth, saved by God’s grace, and led him from darkness to light.

In my lifetime, it has been my privilege to know a few people who have discovered the ultimate spiritual joy of having an intimate personal relationship with The Master Within. These role models also spend quality time listening to the Master.

Nearly 20 years ago, the idea of meditation was introduced to me. It was difficult for me to sit in silence. To just breathe, with no other activity or speech, was nearly impossible. Amazingly, now it is possible to spend a full day alone with the Master.

If you wish to encounter The Master Within, practice the way Ignatius, bishop of Antioch, suggests:

  1. Choose a special place to sit still for ten minutes; focus on breathing.
  2. Read a passage of Scripture aloud.
  3. Select a word to remember which surfaces from your reading.
  4. Enjoy the presence of ABBA Father, the Lord Master Jesus and the Holy Spirit; visualize being in your secret garden with them.

The Savior, the Lord of Heaven, the Prince of Peace enthroned in the center of our hearts–He becomes our Master Within.