Key Statement: People have an internal compass. This compass points in the direction of people who have a compass pointing toward us. We call this the law of attraction.

True counseling story. Son has a serious drug addiction problem. The parent’s solution is to take him out of a negative environment. They make the decision to move from Southern California to Spokane Washington.

Guess what? 

What kinds of friends did the son make in Spokane within a few days of arrival?

Yes, of course, the same kind of friends the son had in S. Cal.

Applying the law of attraction to these questions, how would the person answer you if you were the counselor.

Example #1

Do you think our friends had a good time this evening? 

Don’t give an answer; instead, ask this question.

Did you have a good time?

Their answer to this question will tell the answer to the original.

Example #2

Do you think I look good in this outfit?

If you say, “You look great!” Most likely in a few minutes, they will ask, “Do you really think I look ok?”

The law of attraction is motivation to be the kind of person you want to attract.

The first step in getting people to have confidence in you is to have confidence in yourself. 

My advice to people who do public speaking is to always remember whatever you want the audience to feel you must feel the same thing.

If you want the audience to laugh you must laugh.

If you want the audience to cry you must cry.

If you want the audience to be nervous you must be nervous.

The notion that the first move is always up to us is true. It is the first move to;


Since we tend to get what we expect, why not live with the expectation to love God, love people and live life fully one day at a time.

And as a SURPRISE!!!!

We will attract beautiful, wonderful, kind and loving people.