Doubtlessly, humans were created to think and act with logic in mind. If it makes sense and is understandable, in today’s world it becomes acceptable. For this reason, it is my belief living is a daily discovery process.

Yesterday, my favorite public speaker died of bone cancer at the age of 74. His speech titled “The Six Unique Qualities of Jesus” was the most logical, crystal-clear presentation of the life-changing claims of Jesus I have ever heard. That is why I had 100 copies reproduced. He, himself became a defender of the faith even after attempting suicide at the age of 17.

When I learned of this man’s death, comprehending was difficult. Why him? Why not me? He had so much yet to give our world which is thirsty and hungry for hope. In comparison, I am four years older, have limited energy, do not have the worldwide impact he has. This amazing man brought so many into God’s kingdom. 

Too often I have wondered the WHY question! Why doesn’t God win good over evil? Why doesn’t God use world-famous personalities such as athletes, movie stars, singers? Why do good men and women die while evil ones thrive? Why did this man die, yet I live for another day? This is a MYSTERY to me. 

Deeply, I wish I had Words of Hope answers for my inability to solve the MYSTERY of God. However, there is one thing I do know based on my experience. For reasons not disclosed to me, the Lord God chooses profoundly ordinary men and women to present His life and love to this earth. For this I am grateful. Fred Crowell imminently qualifies as an ordinary man. 

Additionally, and as simple as it sounds, I conclude the Lord God chooses when to bring His children home, not one hour later and not one hour sooner. The Lord chose to bring this man to his mansion in heaven. My hope and prayer is Ravi Zacharias meets my mother and several others of my friends there waiting for me. 

The MYSTERY of God will be complete when I too am finally home and dwelling in the house of the Lord forever. Meanwhile, along with my household, I will love the Lord my God with all my heart and ever be inspired by the MYSTERY of God. 

“But just think of stepping on shore and finding it heaven! Of touching a hand and finding it God’s! Of breathing new air and finding it celestial! Of waking up in glory and finding it home!” Song “Finally Home” composed by Don Wyrtzen.