In my career coaching years, I discovered a valuable premise which, in turn, can be transferred to practical life. I call it THE END GAME. How was it discovered in basketball?

Often when my players did not know what would be the last drill in practice, they would save themselves, fearing they would run out of energy before that last drill. Consequently, when THE END was known, it became motivation. I discovered knowing THE END was every bit as important as knowing the start. In reality, the start was not as difficult as finishing well.

Taking this theoretical, philosophical premise to other practical experiences, it may look like this in the following situations.

  1. High School Academics – What is THE END GAME in your studies? School report cards come at the end of the instructional period. Not so in the Crowell Family System. Crowell children made a report card on the second day of class, predicting their grades and working hard to hit those targets. Seldom did they miss the goal because they knew THE END GAME.
  2. College Academics – How many college students know their supposedly four-year END GAME?
  3. Marriage – What is THE END GAME in your marriage? Years ago a university professor said: “94 of 100 marriages over 20 years call theirs unhappy.” Did they know their END GAME when they said their wedding vows?
  4. Parenting – What is THE END GAME in your parenting? In our personal lives, Susie and I had to consider this when our first child was born. What qualities did we want to be developed in her life for successful tools after age 21? For us, it took hours of prayer, discussion, wise consultation, updating for our strategy.
  5. Illness – What is THE END GAME if you have a heart attack, cancer, diabetes, or some other illness?
  6. Retirement – What is THE END GAME when you reach your retirement years? Most people erroneously wait until late in their careers to consider. Life can be the greatest after retirement.

THE END GAME is a most powerful, strategic tool to have in your life skills toolbox. Envisioning THE END GAME enables a better beginning, both in business and personal life and relationships. 

The One who sees THE END FROM THE BEGINNING the best is God.  “I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come…”

(Isaiah 46:10).