When we stop climbing, facing the challenges life presents every day, we lose our mission and purpose.

  • For the toddler, the climb is learning  to stand and then walk.
  • For the young child, the climb is learning to read.
  • For the new parents, the climb is learning to be effective moms and dads.
  • For the homeless person, the climb is hunting for the daily food and the nightly bed.
  • For the employee who lost employment, the climb is hunting for a new job.
  • For the retired professional, the climb is hunting for a new purpose.

The climb makes life special. The climb challenges us to be better than our normal self. The climb is the spice, fragrance, sunshine, sweet rainfall of life. Our options are to:

  • Reject and hate the climb; then life becomes mundane.
  • Deny the climb; then life becomes a couch potato.
  • Embrace the climb; then life becomes a beautiful yet possibly dangerous world.

The climb is our gift! We all have a life ladder. It begins with just one step. What is your next step? We have three choices:

  • Step down
  • Stay
  • Step up

Jesus calls us to step up. He gives us the courage to take this baby step.

My hero is Todd Dietzman, victim of a super Hawaiian wave, broken neck, quadriplegic. Todd’s step up is to take one more step today than he did yesterday. What is your baby step up today?