One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure. Where can we apply this adventure of living to our everyday life should there be obstacles?

  • To know is the adventure of knowing – Knowledge of God is the richest of all-knowing.
  • To love is the adventure of loving – Love changes people for good.
  • To serve is the adventure of serving – Serving makes us better people.
  • To hope is the adventure of hoping – Hope lifts people and defeats despair.
  • To be kind is the adventure of kindness – Kindness is medicine to hurting people.
  • To work is the adventure of working – Work is the solution to people’s laziness.
  • To play is the adventure of playing – Spontaneous play is the most fun kind of adventure.

Life Ball, not basketball, is the best game on this earth. Like all ball games, Life Ball has an expectation: It requires our best despite difficulty and unfairness. Your best you is your gift to God and to your worldThis is the greatest adventure–being the best you.

This adventure of living starts with breathing. Breathe life into your lungs and breathe out your exciting life adventure. No time to waste. Take the leap. My forecast: You will love it!