If you don’t take time to watch/listen to Charlie’s story this is a missed opportunity!

Everybody needs an everyday hero. No one needs a superstar hero.

Americans are obsessed with superstars, yet are neglectful of everyday heroes like mom, dad, brother, sister or neighbor.

Superstars are who we watch on TV, stand in long lines to swoon over hoping they notice us. These are not legitimate heroes. They are heroes of the imagination. The one famous hero for me is John Stockton for only one reason.

John has been criticized because he does not like people swooning over him. He will not sign an autograph in public nor does he allow people to come to his gym to watch him play basketball.

Ranked as one of the 40 best players and he believes your stars should be those in your lives who truly deserve being a star.

John’s heroes are his grandparents. His huge apartment complex is named Matilda after his amazing grandmother.

Take notice, Stockton is not my hero because of his basketball stardom. I would never ask to join John to watch his Sunday night games with his buddies which include my son-in-law Shann Ferch. Never ever would I approach John or any famous person for an autograph.

Consider this, what right does the public have to expect and have the right to approach a famous person during one of their meals in public or while walking on the street?

Like John Stockton, I say, ”Get a life.”  Wearing a Russell Wilson or Michael Jordan jersey puzzles me.

If you have a great dad, get a jersey with their name on it. If your mother loves and serves you and swoons over you, get a jersey with her name on it. Do not be like so many who salivate or nearly wet their pants when they see their superstar hero.

Kids, wake up! Your best friends and real heroes may be the ones you live with every day.

Men, the best you have in your home is not the big screen TV, it’s the women you once loved and called your forever woman.

Women, just an idea, if you fall into being one who is quick to criticize and point out faults, be fun, be grateful and be the centerpiece on your dining room table. Be beautifully gracious yet be strong and protect your man as you would a costly vase with colorful flowers.

My neighbor Charlie is a real-life hero. Charlie is my hero.

You really need to watch this video at least six times. You won’t see life the same.

Everyone can be someone’s hero.

Whose hero are you?