Do you desire freedom from quick temper, anger, and personal conflicts?

The Apostle Paul is truly a remarkable writer. I marvel as I read his many books. Around 57 AD he made a difficult decision.

Do I visit Rome or Jerusalem? Fortunately for today’s believers, Paul chose the latter. Instead of going to Rome he wrote a brilliant letter to people he had not yet met.

Paul’s 16 chapters to the Romans is considered by many New Testament scholars to be his finest work. Romans is far and away my favorite Bible book; the cornerstone of my theology.

About 6 years later, after six tough years of severe persecution, Paul wrote to his beloved Timothy.

This book is like a father teaching his son to be successful. As a basketball coach, I deeply appreciate the common sense approach to living in freedom and the easy to understand application.

Know, understand, and do are the essentials to developing good character and eliminating poor character.

Paul’s solution to poor character is to set the high goal of having holy hands, clean hands, held high.

To reach this goal, forgiveness is necessary. Forgiveness eliminates wrath and anger. Forgiveness eliminates poor character.

A fundamental life skill: Each day, commit to having holy hands. Take a moral inventory. Intentionally forgive any and all past failures and negative experiences both toward self and others.

Give it up to God when in a battle with itching scars from past sins.

Ask yourself this question, “Do I want to hold on to these past scars or do I want clean, holy hands?”

Paul inspired Timothy to live with clean, holy hands. The reward is freedom from poor character. It’s worth the cost of being obedient to our Lord.

For excellent instruction read Romans 6, 7, and 8 and 1 Timothy.