So easy has become the favorite expression after a shot is made among our amazing 15 year old Chinese boys Basketball team in Jiaozuo, China.

An elegant question: When does so hard become so easy?

Grace and ease is the reward for the craftsman who has been willing to toil up to 10,000 hours, putting in the hard work, to the point that so easy is their reality.

How many, so hard times did it take for the carpenter to drive six inch nail after nail with so easy perfection, with only three blows and with grace and ease?

How many, so hard, practices does it take till learners say, I love you, I am proud of you, will you forgive me, in such a way it appears to be so easy, with Grace and ease?

How many times must a toddler fall, so hard, to walk, so easy, with grace and ease?

The number one goal given to my USA coaches who dream to teach shooting it to reach so easy.  We are now on the so hard faze.  We seek the so easy faze.

The Chinese boys are the most teachable and eager to learn basketball players I have ever coached.

When they make a score with perfect shooting form, we often yell, So Easy!

Maybe they like it because the words said slowly sound like music. SO O O O  E A S Y!

So easy has a beautiful ring to it. Living in grace and ease is maximum living. There is no better place to be than when we make living look so easy.

Jesus once again said it in the best way; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. – John 10:10b


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