“He comes to me in the silence.” – Mark Forrest

Knock knock

Who’s there?

Silence, I’ve come to see you because you need me!

Please come in,  because I don’t know how to experience silence.

Ever taken a class on the subject of silence?

Do you know how to enter into the sacred, peaceful place of silence?

The Crowell’s “go to” song is, A Moment In Time by Mark Forest. 

The song is the product of a painful experience. Forrest lost his son. The devastation of this loss drove him to silence.

The success teacher does not lead us to a place where we crave silence.

A big fat bonus teacher does not move us to long for silence.

The Academy Award teacher or World Championship teacher does not motivate us to seek silence.

It is the pain teacher that has the classroom where we come to seek, value and practice the skill of silence.

The skill of silence is as difficult to master as the 3 pointer in basketball, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony on your instrument of choice, hitting a 99 mph fastball, or being super parents.

The Silence Reward is coming into the presence and into contact with Abba Father, Jesus, the Alpha and Omega and the Comforter, the Holy Spirit.

Sources of Silence:
Psalm 23
Psalm 46
Romans 8