Everyone delights in and appreciates an encouraging thank you shout out.

Alaska Airlines deserves a Fred Crowell – NBC Camps shoutout.


  • First flight – basketball coach at UAF – 1965
  • 800,000 mile+ flown
  • MVP or 75K Gold 35 years
  • Hosted late Bruce Kennedy – Spokane Prayer BFK (Former Founder and CEO)
  • Major sponsor of NBC camps for 35 years

Think seriously about these situations:

Many educators teach for an entire career without receiving even one shoutout.

Vast numbers retire with exempt pensions and are given no shout outs.

Sons and daughters as adults don’t send shout out letters to parents.

If shout outs bring more joy to the giver than the receiver, why are shout outs the exception not the norm, and why are they not the common practice? 

The 7-10 principle is an excellent shout out idea. Give a ratio of 7 thanks to every 3 asks in the course of 10 contacts in a relationship. Another idea would be to eliminate negative shout outs.

One legendary Alaska state basketball coach was known to teach his players to totally eliminate what he called “killer shout outs.”

Killer shout outs:

  • You never pass me the ball.
  • It’s too hard.
  • I work harder than anybody on the team.

Positive shout outs:

  • I am so proud of you.
  • You are a miracle.
  • I love being part of your life.

Alaska Airlines is flying me from Spokane to Anchorage first class. My joy and passion is to inspire young basketball players at the Alaska Basketball Tournament. Basketball is my tool to help save and build successful lives. With gratitude, I give a shout out to Alaska Airlines who has helped me fly to villages throughout Alaska. 

Please read the following true story of a miracle child who was suicidal. This story among many others tells why Alaska Airlines deserves my shout out.

Dear Mr. Crowell,

Good afternoon, I am emailing you now to tell you that I have accomplished so much in the past few months in finding my confidence, self-worth, and respect for myself. I have been leaning on my new friend and role model a lot and I have talked to her anytime I feel like I am starting to backpedal again. I am happy to tell you I have realized that I don’t need people to tell me that I a beautiful, confident or strong. I realized all I need to do is believe in myself and believe that I am beautiful, confident and strong. I also wanted to thank you for telling and showing me that I am worth more than I think I am worth. I want to thank you for that because if it wasn’t for you shining that light for me I do not think that I would be here now. I was in a deep and dark place and you were that hand to help pull me out and I thank you for that.   

Sincerely, your friend  (Alaska Village NBC Camper)

Who has earned a shout out from you? What is stopping you? Give them a shout out!