The most beautiful and blessed place on earth.

Slow the bus down is a favorite expression in the Crowell home when one of us gets too busy, anxious or troubled.

The bookstores have shelves designated to self-help books. Counseling offices are filled with anxious or depressed people. Many homes are war zones, absent of joy and peace.

Too busy, too much to do, too many people need me, are some of the reasons why it is impossible to sit quietly alone for 15 minutes each day in a sacred place in the home.

This sacred place could be in a closet, a comfy chair. The sacred place should be carefully chosen.

Some self-help gurus tell us if we would spend 15 minutes alone in a sacred place we could solve most of the world’s problems.

St. Ignatius taught his followers to carefully choose this sacred place. Sort of like setting the table for honored guests. I like a room alone, good lighting, once in a while a candle, sometimes soft music and Bible nearby with my gratitude journal.

Once you enter your sacred place and quiet your mind and heart, God often shows up.

It is at this time you find the secret garden. Every human has a secret garden. It is felt within us. We find it in solitude, silence and in His Word.

Without hesitation, the joy of my day begins in my sacred place- my secret garden. It is here the inspiration and illumination to write Daily Words of Hope come forth.

My name these next 3 months is “Happiness.” Happiness grows in my secret garden.

Your personal secret garden is waiting for you to come. You will discover the place, the most beautiful place on earth. It can be very difficult to find because silence and being alone are the ways to your secret garden.

Blessed Holy Trinity thank you. I am so grateful you patiently wait for each of us to come to our personal sacred places and secret gardens.