A lesson in excellence.

I clicked on Mr. iPhone when reaching the after deck on the Regal Princess. Dear Alaska friend Peggy Lasher sends many of us daily Bible verses. Today’s choice was a favorite; it’s home is Hebrews 12:1-2. In essence the challenge is to drop the backpack filled with the rocks of life, loading us down and preventing victorious living.

There are bleachers filled with those who love us, hoping and even some praying for us to “run to win!”

As Princess cruised towards Providence my mind rowed thru many thoughts about Lamar Odom who is fighting for his very life in a hospital in Vegas. Lamar was a superstar for my buddy Jim Harrick at Rhode Island.

Lamar’s backpack filled with millions of dollars, NBA championship rings, and the glitz fame demands have taken this gifted athlete to the sidelines.

My heart goes out to Odom. My heart goes out to all of us who find our backpacks loaded with rocks. In Romans Paul calls these rocks sin.

Today Lord I give you my backpack. Therefore, I run to win the moment, so wining the day is my reality at bedtime tonight.


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