“Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and dies it abides alone…”

Do we destroy the old bridge, let it stays as is and let it decay; or build a brand new one close by?

Important questions. Tough decisions.

Do we amputate the infected leg or do we try to save it at the risk of the cancer spreading?

Important question. Tough decision.

Do we totally come to Jesus Christ to die to self or do we take self-help courses to make our old self better?

Important question. Tough decision.

Susie and I have faced each of these 3 questions.

Our beloved lake cabin began showing signs of foundation damage. To our shock it was so bad, the old section needed a new foundation. Expensive! We decided to totally tear it down and build new. The cost is high!

Cancer victims face tough decisions. Seems like everyone has an opinion, from all-natural to chemo and more. Each month for six years we have been making tough decisions. Thankfully we have been making good decisions. The cost is high!

The ultimate and toughest decision of my life was to decide to be a Christ-follower. To me the price tag was costly. Obedience is never easy. The Christ message is total amputation to our greatest enemy; our selves, the self-nature. Like our totally dismantled, excavated and an amazing solid foundation to build a new home on.

Jesus is our new foundation. He is our new home. I tell you for 50 years my joy has been living in this new home, which will stand solid for all of eternity.