During NBC Camps’ summer athletic camps, we are exposed to thousands of campers’ lives.  We learn from them, and we challenge them to face their challenges. In fact, FACE YOUR CHALLENGE was our 2018 theme. It was impressive to witness the majority of these campers set high goals for the 2018-2019 school year and were willing to make life changes to reach these goals.

Yet, often I hear adults say they are resistant to self-improvement change (even coaches, teachers, administrators, business leaders). This is noticed by students or children.

For example, this summer a shocking goal from a high school honor student was, “I want to be positive in the classroom with two of my terrible teachers.” Was this an exaggerated comment, or was it his delight in school that caused this comment? Did he see teachers as resistant to change?

Another camper said, “How am I going to live with my father since my mother just died of cancer? When I am honest with my father, he beats me.” The camper wanted a change in his father. Candidly, the best relationship is when both parties are willing to change. To help our students, campers and children, as adults we also need to give attention to personal growth

After my many years in the education, athletic, counseling, and motivation fields, I salute you if you will do a deep dive into your attitude regarding self-improvement. The acid test of an accurate self-analysis is not your evaluation; it is how your trusted others evaluate you.

Frankly, it is rare humans who are willing to know the truth about themselves. The wise analysis of a trusted friend or family member is the most valued. Can you handle the truthIf so, it will free you.