Who is most grateful? The one rescued or the one who does the rescuing?

Going back to the four pillars that form the foundation for one’s belief system:

  1. Control your Environment – choice of people. Psalm 1
  2. Crucial Others – people who have PTR (proven track record) and WOBI (worthy of being imitated). Titus
  3. Repetition – a commitment to the fundamentals. Romans 12:1,2.
  4. Life Experience – learning from failures and successes.

My life experience tells me those who have never been rescued have little desire or compassion to rescue others.

While those who have been rescued from deep misery, be it poverty, illness, oppression, addiction, etc., become people who look for opportunities to rescue.

My dear Hungarian friends, deeply oppressed during WWII by the Russians, are the most grateful USA citizens I know.

The man who had more home tragedy than you can imagine is one of the best fathers and husbands I know.

The friend in the wheelchair who gets up every day to try to take one more step than the day before exudes joy seldom seen in anyone I know.

The fact is, as I look over the past 50 years it is crystal clear, Jesus Christ rescued me from the misery that surrounds all of us.

My life experience exhorts me to be so grateful that He has rescued me from me and given me a new nature. For if any man be in Christ he is a new creation and all things become new. – Corinthians 5:17

For these reasons, I delight in looking for opportunities to rescue others. This has become the joy of my life.