you're a miracle

Slow the bus down. Relax. Breath. Call Time Out.

  • When the pace gets too fast, relax.
  • When words flow too quickly, relax.
  • When the conversation heats up, relax.
  • When anger seethes, relax.
  • These are the times that Susie and Fred Crowell tell each other to slow the bus down. Time to relax.

Dr. John Gottman, in his research at the University of Washington, came up with this fact:

  • When the heart gets over 100 beats per minute we are not able to problem solve effectively.
  • More than 500,000 Americans spend more than 50k on alternative medicine each year.
  • The ability to RELAX is a skill to value. Relaxing is a skill we all need in our life skills tool box.
  • Relaxation is an anecdote to fear, worry, and anxiety.
  • Relaxation restores the mind and heart.
  • Relaxation is a healer.
  • Take it from the guy who has battled cancer for over 10 years.
  • Take it from the guy who sees his oncologist for inspection and medication.
  • Take it from the guy who has lived PTR & W0BI* for over 10 years kicking cancer’s rear end. (Proven Track Record; Worthy of Being Imitated)
  • Relaxation is possible in the midst of life’s greatest challenges.
  • Relaxation is not quitting, giving up, or feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Relaxation is a state of mind that enables you to restore and get ready to battle.
  • If you grew up in a home with fear, worry, anxiety, and anger, these qualities are in your DNA.
  • The good news is you can change your subconscious mind through training your conscious mind. It is hard work. Relaxation is learned behavior.

Three simple, effective steps to begin the process to develop the skill of relaxation:

  1. Practice the discipline of silence. 16 years ago I forced myself to be motionless for three minutes. It was very difficult. Years of practice made it possible to do a solitary retreat for up to eight hours.
  2. Practice relaxation techniques. The breath is crucial to relaxation. Learn breathing techniques.
  3. Practice gratitude. Write five gratitudes each day.

The Psalms are my primary source of inspiration. Psalms 19, 23, 63 and 103, soft music to my spirit. Study them. Breathe slowly.