Have you noticed the difference between genuine relationships and required events?  Which would you prefer? Insight says relationships may be more desirable than required events. Here’s why.

Wisdom places relationships far above and more important than events.  Selfishness places events more important than relationships.

Relationship first, events second, means love, kindness, and delight in the personal family and friendships. In contrast, events first, relationships second, means attendance at an event is more important than the relationship. The implication is, come to the event or else!  (Ever received a family holiday invitation you knew had ramifications if you missed?)

Relationship perspective is fueled by love and freedom, whereas event perspective is fueled by guilt and control.

  • Truly genuine relationships are not dependent on the acceptance of invitations to an event. The relationship is joy and blessing
  • Truly genuine relationships are not the quantity of time. They are quality of time.
  • Truly genuine relationships are those that don’t matter how long it has been since you last saw each other. Your next meeting seems as if you had never been apart!

Cultivate the genuine relationships. You will discover the clock hits midnight without realizing it!