It’s amazing how quickly puppies learn to love the one who serves them with food and continuous attention.

In the human realm, nothing compares to the sacrifice of laying your life down for another.

The first verse in the Bible I learned at age 24 was, “But God showed his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.”

Hate hardens the heart; love softens the heart. Hate destroys life; love creates life.

At my mother’s funeral a Priest, who was no Father to me, said with a finger pointed to my chest, “You’re going to hell.”

With burning coal eyes and fists clenched, my words of defiance speared the priest,“I would be glad to go to hell as long as you are not there.”

Only supernatural love could heal my heart of stone. The miracle of God’s Good News. He even uses puppies along with people to love us and heal our hearts.

Life is just way too complicated. This is where puppies fit into this story so well.

Puppies lives are quite simple; eat, sleep pee, poop, sleep, play, sleep, pee, poop, eat your shoes, sleep. They don’t go to dog college to learn to love.

Puppies learn love from humans. 

Puppy love is really simple. Human love is also quite simple. 

Love takes minimal time.
Love requires words but not many.
Love must be pure and honest.
Love must serve without demands.
Love must set people free not shame them.
Love must give more than you get.

Imagine what a wonderful world it would be if people would love each other like puppies love their human family.

It is that simple yet so hard to do.
Who needs an I love you today?
Who needs a call from you today?
Who needs a letter from you?
Who needs you to give them attention?

Think I will go play with our new puppy, Cocoa. Hope you get busy loving all of His creation.