Being prepared for momentous sports, business or life events is not enough!

Being prepared to be prepared is the crucial first step to winning. Competitors who have prepared to be prepared have a decided advantage over an opponent who has only prepared to win!

Preparation to be prepared sets up the preparation phase with focus, passion, imagination and additional time to allow the mind to sift and massage vital information. Plus it creates added time to deal with setbacks.

Today I had a setback! I am reminded of a proverb that says, “You may fall 7 times before reaching the goal.”

Early this morning I enthusiastically spent over one hour on the concept of “prepare to be prepared.” What a difference maker this is!

A crucial question for you and me?

Are you ready to win today…?

Why, why, why, why, why? The discipline of mining down to the 5th Why!

#1. Why do I want to win today? To be fully alive.
#2. Why do I want to be fully alive? To live with passion, purpose, and power.
#3. Why do I want to live with passion, purpose, and power? To obey and honor my Lord Jesus Christ.
#4. Why do I want to obey and honor Jesus Christ? To be a change agent in people’s lives and bring joy to others.
#5. Why do I want to be a change agent and bring joy to others? Because Jesus changed me and brought special people into my life that I could imitate to escape a life of dysfunction and despair. Life is beautiful. I want to share this.

Matthew 12 – is so good let’s get some more fresh inspiration.

Matthew quotes the prophet Isaiah (Is. 42:1-4) “In His name nations will put their hope.”

Eighty-three days after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor Fred Crowell was born in Seattle, Washington.
Seventy-three years later my life story has experienced the impact of WWII. Walt King, my father-in-law, spent 78 days in a foxhole in the South Pacific. His daughter Susie (my wife) did not see him until age four.
Lyle Patterson, the legendary coach, flew over 30 missions in the Korean War. I was spared duty through amazing events being a 2nd Lt. in the Vietnam War. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have ravaged families.

Today’s media brings us daily doses of anger, hate, destruction, and just plain bad news.

Where is there hope? How does one not become discouraged? Is it true as one gets older the two options are bitter or better?

Isaiah faced similar issues 5000 years ago! Yes, knowledge now doubles every two years as opposed to doubling every 1500 hundred years five centuries ago. It is my opinion humans fight and self-destruct every bit as much as we did in Isaiah’s day.

Why is this so? In my view, it comes down to EQ, not IQ! Emotional Intelligence is dependent on knowing the truth because truth alone sets us free. What is truth? Jesus said, “I am way the truth and the Life.”

Psalm 1 provides some of the best pieces of advice dealing with emotional intelligence.

1. Blessed is the one who does not seek the counsel of foolish people.
2. Prosperous is the one who does not hang out with negative, destructive people.
3. Thankful is the person how does not join hands with people void of forgiveness asking and a commitment to excellence.

Rather the wise person:
· Delights in God’s Word through meditation day and night.
· Chooses to put into action the principles set forth in His Word.

Application: Conversation with Fred’s granddaughter and her best friend. “I will give each of you a one hundred dollar bill if you memorize Psalm 1 and be able to walk through it with an accurate explanation of each principle that springs forth life as a river brings life to a tree standing near the bank. My hope is someday you will be talking to your grandchild and tell them about “PaPa Suave” giving you $100 dollars to memorize Psalm 1.” Money well invested.