Why should I want to practice prayer?  My life is full of demands, responsibilities, people.  Where is the time for additional practice time?  Do you feel that way?

I think God knows this. Yet, so often God still emphasizes He is a Father.  

Many can relate to the idea of a good earthly father.  A father who is always available to help with needs – with an open hand.  A father who knows his child is weak and needs daily grace.  A father who knows how to train with encouragement but in love and for a purpose.

Imagine a heavenly Father who is all this and more because He knows what we need. (Matthew 6:31-32)

Then imagine a heavenly Father who also desires to meet our need.  How can that be better than our earthly fathers?  His desire is stronger because He knows us inside and out, knows what is happening, knows the future, and sees every need.  The heavenly Father’s eagerness is expressed as “much more.”  (Matthew 6:30, Matthew 7:11)

Finally, imagine a heavenly Father who is able completely to meet our need.  Humanly, can your earthly father take care of all the birds globally (billions!) every second of the day?  The heavenly Father can. (Matthew 6:26)

If the heavenly Father’s knowledge, eagerness, and ability are so much more than we can understand, why should we not want to daily talk with Him?  Why should we not give time and practice gratitude throughout the day?

This is my motivation!  God gives good gifts and loves me!