“As medicine is to the body, gratitude is to the soul.”

For the past six months, Words of Hope with Fred Crowell has been a source of joy and thanksgiving to me. Knowing God and enjoying him forever is my meaning and purpose statement.

When I examine and evaluate the reason I am still here when five of my friends have lost their lives to cancer, I know for certain my purpose and meaning is to grow my knowledge of God and to enjoy Him.

For when I am intimately connected to Abba Father and his amazing son the Lord Jesus Christ, my joy factor is limitless and my love for life knows no boundaries.

Therefore, it is my commitment to practice daily, the art of gratitude. Gratitude is the hinge to knowing God and enjoying him forever.

At the Friday with Fred lunch last week, keynote speaker Jennifer Crowell Ferch stated that an effective way to beat cancer is to write down five gratitudes at bedtime. Thinking gratitude is not enough. Writing down five gratitudes is enough. My five gratitudes for today are:

1. The gift of life.

2. Beautiful sunny warm day.

3. The gift of music – singing God Bless America coming down the hill to work.

4. A tender kiss goodbye. With a beautiful twinkle in her eyes, Susie said “Have a great day.” 

5. NBC camps is truly a game changer in the lives of thousands and thousands of people over the past 45 years.

Join me today in writing down five gratitudes before you go to bed. It is the best way to beat cancer and it’s the best way to live joyfully, so why not do it every night?

Some people make things happen, some people let things happen, and too many people say what happened. Let’s make it happen.