When position is more important than destiny the focus needs to be reversed. Research reveals focusing on destiny increases performance and health both individually and within a community.

Position focus means:

I am the father. Obey me.
I can’t do my job well until you reward me with an impressive title.
I graduated from a prestigious university. I deserve success.
My parents are wealthy. I am entitled. I deserve to live at the same level of wealth, now. 

Destiny focus means:

I have to earn everything I get. There are no free lunches.
Before I reach my destiny I must learn the remarkable skill of fail and recover.
To learn to love hard work is a precious skill. I need to master this skill.
Being more interested in giving than having is sun and rain to my thirsty soul.

Examples of Destiny Focused Living:

Before you go up, first, you must go down.
Before you can walk, first, you must crawl.
Before you run, first, you must walk.
Before you can ride a bike, first, you must fall and crash.
Before you can win, first, you must lose.
Before you can be successful, first, you must learn how to fail.
Before you can truly love, first, you must practice forgiveness asking.
Before you can know and understand gratitude at an EQ level, first, you must experience pain.
Before you can master any significant skill be it piano or golf of quilting, first, you must give it 10,000 hours of your intentional focused practice.
Before you become a leader, first, you become a servant.
Before you are honored and respected, first, you honor and respect others.

Before you can be saved from your destructive self, first you must have a savior.

Who is worthy and able to save us? This is the most important question amid the ages.