Philo means to love. Sophy means to study. Life means to live.

The study of loving life is never boring, sometimes scary to explore, very mysterious, truly fascinating, too often neglected, and seldom or poorly taught.

Breath by breath, hour by hour, day by day, month by month, and year by year the philosophy of life becomes a child’s belief system.

Every word spoke to the child; every physical interaction with the child; each and every experience is recorded in the child’s subconscious from conception. Yes, even in the mother’s womb the child is learning.

This learning forms how a child sees oneself; how the child sees the world; how the child sees how people see him or her; how the child believes God sees him or her.  

The belief system is the foundation. The soul/spirit of humanity acts out life according to the belief system formed in the very early years of life.

A wise way to look at this subject is to examine how a house is built.

Smart owners hire an architect to design a plan; dumb ones build without a plan.

The selection of a PTR (Prove Track Record) contractor who builds the house to the exact specifications of the architect is the first step to building a great house.

Throughout the building phase, city or county inspectors inspect the integrity the construction.

The building begins with the foundation. The foundation is crucial. If the foundation is built poorly the house will be very difficult for the builder because nothing will be level.

An expert foundation professional can lay concrete 1/8 inch level across a 30-foot floor span corner to corner.  This is the way a quality home should be built.

Let’s return to our personal philosophy of who we are; our belief system; the architectural blueprint of our being.

This mental blueprint in my opinion (based on my life experience) is formed during the formative years which begins in the womb; the perfect environment for development and growth.

At a very early age the mental blueprint, the belief system is formed.

This mental blueprint dictates how the world will be viewed.

How people will be seen and observed.

How the person will know and understand self.

How God will be revered or rejected.

It is my conviction psychology has the scientific tools to diagnose the ways to help clients understand the formation of a person’s mental blueprint and even help clients live more effectively, but alone it cannot fix a poor plan or faulty foundation.

The genius of human development is discovered in the spiritual reality. Jesus brought us a totally unique therapeutic system.

Rather than making self a better self as nearly every psychological system attempts. The Christ System does not help with the client with a redesign of their mental blueprint or a remodel of the constructed house.

As strange as it may seem, The Christ System gives us a brand new mental blueprint and sets a new foundation. Instead of fixing an old heart. He gives us a new heart.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Corinthians 5:17

Jesus the master architect has a new mental blueprint for each person, we just have to stop trying to fix the old one and build upon His foundation if we want a home that endures the storms of life and lasts forever.


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