People watch what we are doing, how we do it, and how it makes them feel.”  – Derrick Sebastian

“May I have another cup of coffee?” Asked the person at the counter.

The waiter obviously flustered with too many customers replies with anger, “I’ll get  to you as soon as I can I’m so busy!”

Wife says to her husband, “Honey please empty the dishwasher.”  

No response…

Wife repeats, “Please empty the dishwasher!”

Husband aggressively empties the dishwasher with a negative attitude!

Driving in heavy traffic; waiting to leave the parking lot, late for the next meeting.  

The person in another car permits you to proceed in front of you and waves a hand with a smile on their face.  

The purpose of these examples is for us to scrutinize how we make people feel as we walk through life each moment, each hour, each day.  

Fact is somebody is watching us. Our character is best described as who we are in the dark.

Pure character is best lived when we think no one is watching us.  

The best way to have pure character is to develop a habit based on knowing existentially how we are doing a job, having a conversation, performing to an audience and knowing what those watching feel.

People will forget what and how we did it. They will not forget how we made them feel.

Most people focus their attention on what people do or think of them. Most people let other people’s attitudes and actions dictate their attitudes and actions.

This results in giving people control of our lives.

Goethe said, “We can never change anyone by direct action; we can only change ourselves and when we change others tend to change in reaction to us.”

Freedom peace joy happiness victory comes when we:

  • Love God with all our minds heart and soul.
  • Truly love people and decide not to try to change them.
  • Believe what God says about us (we are chosen holy dearly loved.)

We are his miracles