Is it possible to get through life without experiencing pain?

Seems every story has an element of pain in the narrative.

Let’s imagine being able to be totally pain-free. Wow! Awesome – sounds wonderful.

It is truly wonderful until you grab hold of something hot enough to burn your hand severely yet it doesn’t hurt. Being pain-free is no longer useful.

Imagine sitting next to a fire made out of coals cooking hot dogs; you don’t realize your leg is on fire until you actually see the damage inflicted.

Does this prove pain has the potential to be our friend, not our foe?  

Some ways pain is our friend:

  • Pain teaches us humility and defeats arrogance.
  • Pain motivates us to change; change stops the pain.
  • Pain keeps us from further more extensive damage.
  • Pain moves us to compassion for others in pain.

The Apostle James endured pain. James gave us incredible insight into making our personal pain into a friend, not a foe.

James said, “Count it joy when pain comes into your life.”  

Are you kidding me St. James?

No, he was not kidding, because his life with Jesus taught him pain is fuel to grow faith.

Faith is valuable because faith grows endurance. Again and again, I see endurance being key to success. As my son Jay teaches athletes. Jay says, “compound interest happens when you pay the price over an extended period of time.”

If there is limited endurance, poor character is evident in people’s lives. Thus endurance builds character. James says grow your character so you can win the tough trials of life.

The book of James, only 5 chapters long, is one of my favorites. Romans says your faith proves your commitment. James says, show me your works so I can believe your faith.