The creative genius of the Grand Master’s paintbrush was making two-thirds of our planet, Earth, oceans!

How is it possible to be near the ocean, yet never stop to contemplate this miracle?

This is not a difficult question, nor without a logical, commonsense answer.

The metaphor for my bicep muscle is gratitude.

Push-ups and bench presses build bicep muscles. Five positive statements each day develop the mental muscle called gratitude.

Crowell’s 5 Ocean Gratitudes:

1.  Beautiful blue color.

2.  Strong foaming white waves over rocks.

3.  Powerful tides.

4.  Evaporation and cleansing system.

5.  Plentiful food source.

The answer to both questions is Gratitude. Lives void of gratitude are blind to the wonders of the world. The eyes don’t see because the mind is trapped in negativity.

The solution to blindness to our beautiful world is gratitude. The solution to bringing out the best in people is gratitude.

I have offered a grandchild a $100 bill if they memorize Psalm 8 and tell me what it means. Do the same, I might not give you a $100 bill, but believe me, it will be far more valuable.

How is your gratitude muscle?