From the beginning of time, we all inherit genetic and character traits as part of our lineage. The four primary character traits given to us at inception are: fear, inferiority, guilt and anger.

Each child seems to deal with these DNA traits differently. One child may be an extrovert, while the next is an introvert. To deal with fear, one child demonstrates the fight-fear characteristic, while the other demonstrates the flight-from-fear trait.

One child tries to defeat his inferiority by acting superior and having entitlement. Others beat themselves up, blaming themselves for simply existing.

Guilt plagues us all. There are two kinds of guilt–real and false guilt. One child deals with guilt by making others feel guilty. Another child assumes all guilt, even others’ guilt.

Then there is man’s favorite tool to fix problems. It is the go-to tool of anger. Expressed inwardly, the ultimate act of anger is suicide. Expressed outwardly, the ultimate act of anger is terrorism.

This new year of 2019 presents us with the possibility of new beginnings. While these four inherited character traits can lead to self-destruction, if taken to the nth degree, they could culminate in world destruction.

However, there is a solution. It is so simple even a child can comprehend it. It also is so spiritual even the greatest minds possibly choose not to understand it.

This solution is being REBORN. Some call it being born a second time, being born again. Have you been born a second time? From experience, being born again is the foundation of a new life.

In July of 1966 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, my wife Susie said these words to me: “Fred, I really love you, but I just did the most wonderful thing I have ever done. I invited Jesus to be my Savior and Lord.”  However, it wasn’t as easy for me. In fact, it was a difficult process to finally experience the greatest gift of my life; and, at first, it was very questionable to me.

Being born again is God’s tools, not the earthly tools we have inherited from our family. This 2019 year is a new opportunity to use His tools of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Thank you, dear God, for our earthly public shopping gifts, but your spiritual gift is the very best.