Between the stimulus and the response is a NANOSECOND.  This nanosecond is the time we decide our response. It happens so quickly that it is assumed the reaction is involuntary and we have no control over the stimulant. This is not the case.

This space, which is as quick as a blink of the eye, is the time we react to the cause or stimulant. This is where mind management is vital. We call this the practice of self-regulation. Without this practice, we cannot effectively take advantage of the nanosecond. Mind management is a moment-to-moment exercise. It centers you and reintegrates the mind, body, and soul.

Self-regulation is one of the most important life skills to master. This is why self-discipline is our best friend. It is one of our MVP tools to solve problems. The body is our voice and does not lie. It is our green, yellow and red life lights. We must listen, read carefully and react to what our body tells us.

We are so wonderfully made. Our majestic Creator gave us all the tools to love people each day. What are you doing to master the nanosecond? It is very important, although just one of many gifts God has given us for loving people and Himself.