1956 Hit Song by The Platters

56′ and 57′ for the Seahawks. The football team was 53-3 for these two seasons. In 57′ they gave up just 6 points, rolling to an undefeated season.

There was no marijuana, anti-depressant drugs, heroin, acid, or even for that matter, the “f” word was an anathema to be spoken.

High school dances were fun and safe. There were no burglar alarms. Parents tossed their car keys on the floor of the car for convenience; doors to homes were left unlocked.

You could understand the words to popular songs. Singers didn’t look like aliens from another planet and only sailors returning from war wore tattoos.

Sunday was church day. Kids went with their parents, dressed in church clothes; not beach comber apparel.

Do I miss those days? Do I wish my grandchildren could live in that bygone era?

The Platters hit song took me back to Friday night dances at the Eagles. I confess as a 14-year-old, free hot dogs and Cokes were my favorite attraction in 1956.

My buddy and I competed on who could get the most dogs down. One night Parker ate 23; I wasn’t far behind.

For your pleasure, I have attached The Platters, MY PRAYER. I loved the music of the 50’s. I vividly remember dancing to the popular Platters song.  I might also add there was actual logic to our movement on the dance floor.

1956 was a long time ago. I knew very little about prayer. Today prayer is my lifeline to Abba Father. My deep joy and peace come from praying memorized scripture.

Nothing has given me more consolation on even the darkest of all cancer days.

With prayer believing God in faith is our greatest weapon against all evil.