The Psalmist wrote, The Lord Most High is awesome.

The word awesome always reminds me of my brother Larry.  He delights in saying, “You’re awesome!”  One morning while at his employment, his supervisor walked past him.  Larry shouted: “Bill, you’re awesome!”  A fellow worker immediately retorted: “Larry’s a liar!”

These days, awesome is a popular word, albeit overused (especially when another word does not come to mind).  Yet, adding the word “Most” makes awesome an extraordinary, impressive praise–breathtaking, awe-inspiring, causing great admiration and respect.

I like the word awesome.  I like Most Awesome more.  Cultivating and training the eyes to see and the heart to feel awesomeness in people, creation, and the Lord Most High is a stunning gift because life is enriched and more delightful.  St. Ignatius, an early Christian writer, viewed the Most High Father (the Most Awesome) as the most worthy of all.  For him, seeing the Most High Father was seeing the Incarnate Christ in all things.

When you put on your Most Awesome glasses, life comes alive in 3D color!  Life with Jesus Christ is dynamic, full color; life without Jesus Christ is simply black and white color.  No wonder the Psalmist implied: The Lord Most High is Most Awesome.”