“If people accept the message, they will embrace the messenger. If people reject the message, they will reject the messenger.”  -S. Crowell

A crude way of stating this more clearly is, “If you love the message you will love the messenger, and if you hate the message you will hate the messenger.”

Basketball coaches and military leaders often speak in crude terms. In both competitive sports and war, dance words don’t work.

The Old Testament Prophets spoke in terms that often caused them to be rejected, even hated. Isaiah was a tough guy who spoke the truth.

The prophet Isaiah wrote about how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news; Good news of peace and salvation; the news that the God of Israel reigns.

It took Isaiah 52 chapters to bring this amazing good news to His people who were in slavery.

Makes me wonder how many people you and I know who are in slavery to things like:

  • Loveless marriage
  • Children doing wrong
  • Discouraged or depressed
  • Without much hope
  • No idea about M/P (meaning & purpose)
  • Dominated by anger and bitterness
  • Living life through sports spectatorship
  • Addicted to… Drugs, booze, porn, gambling, gossip, envy, laziness…

The fact is, we are messengers. Question is, “what is our message?”

It has taken me many years to know the best massage moves people towards love.

  • The best message is to wait until you are invited to give counsel.
  • The best message is to refrain from gossip.
  • The best message is to listen, not talk about oneself.
  • The best message is to give people oxygen/encouragement.

One of the most difficult words of counsel is given by St James.

“Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger for God’s righteousness is never accomplished through anger.” – James 1:19-20