Merry Christmas

Warm and delightful Merry Christmas wishes to all Words of Hope readers-friends.

This WOH is my Christmas gift to you. The information presented here is not from a book or instruction manual, they are God’s Biblical truths learned through years of pain, through failure and recovery. 

It is not our victories or failures that make us. It is our never quit attitude. It is getting back up over and over again, it is our recovering from the hardships of life that build who we are. 

These truths are my daily game plan, day by day to kick cancer in his teeth and beat him to the ground till he cries, uncle. 

Please do more than read this. Do it, because in 90 days it may be your best 2016 present. 

Happiness is my new name for 90 days!  You all bring happiness to me as I reflect back all the WOH’s the Lord has given me to write. 

This is my present to you this Christmas: 

After all these years I believe emotional intelligence is the essence of all good education.  EQ trumps IQ.  

Wisdom + Knowledge + Understanding + Action = Success.

(baby steps one day at a time.  Learn to “win the moment”)

The Game Plan – 5 daily steps to EQ Skill Mastery.

  1. Start your day with sacred silence time.  Find your secret garden alone. 5 to 15 minutes.
  2. Read Daily Words of Hope with Fred… on what you read)
  3. Journal 5 gratitude statements daily-keep record.  Gratitude is king.
  4. Look, learn, listen for people who have excellent EQ; imitate them.  Observe those who have limited EQ.  Learn from them. Be a daily student of EQ.
  5. Intentional love at least one person daily. A cell call, a note, wash the dishes, special words, etc.

– Fred Happy Pappy Crowell