Marvelous day?


Because it is a new day
Because it is a new week
Because it is the last day of the month
Because it is an opportunity to really live
Because we can exercise the gifts of choice, imagination and memory

Today I relieve memories of Nellie. King, Susie’s mom. An amazing cook a better grandma to Jennifer and Jay.

Today I made some good decisions.
Jay and I started the day going to Mass and followed it up at the athletic club.

Here is my nugget from Mass. Father Bob spoke of fond memories of a professor who inspired him to reflect every day on closing his eyes and think what it will be like to close your eyes for the very last time on planet earth and wake up in heaven.

The notion here is if you are ready to depart this earth your are more likely enjoy being here on earth

Guess what? I think this was a wise professor. I plan to follow his advise.

How about you.

Since my morning was so full I am looking at Matthew 11 at the end of the day.

So let’s see what St. Matthew has to say for us from Chapter 11
Hope I find one exceptional principle to elevate the way I live.

“Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest”.

These words are precious to me because these past few years the amount of human suffering is enormous and tragically much is self inflicted. Just today I learned of divorces that hurt many and fires and burned homes and illness and pain.

My life experience has shown me when u really are in pain often the only place one can find peace is from our Lord.

It is now past. 8:30. Bedtime for this warrior for joy and living in abundance.

Yes This Monday was marvelous.