Hundreds, possibly thousands of times, NBC camp students have told me these words, “I know my father loves me but I have never heard him say, I love you.”

Why is this so? 

What makes it so difficult to say, “I love you?”

Basketball is a simple game. Coaches tend to make it far too complex.

Likewise, life is a simple game. People make it far too complex.

Let me prove to you that life is a simple game with simple rules, that I like to call LIFEBALL. It’s a superior game to basketball, lets cut to the chase.

These are the game rules for LIFEBALL:

  1. Don’t do anything thing YOU, (not others), know in your heart is wrong today.
  2. Purpose to do exactly what YOU know, (not others), is right to do today. Every time.
  3. Choose love as your goal. Decide the prime reason you are alive today is to love people; all people.
  4. Act love with your feet, heart, and tongue. If you don’t know how to do these three things get help; find a mentor because you need one desperately.   
  5. Be your best YOU today and you will not only give love, but you will get love back 10, 20, and even a 100 fold. That’s the way love works. You get love by giving love.

God is love, God loves you, YOU are loved. Love is your destiny. When you don’t love, you cheat yourself. 

If this isn’t simple enough, then how much more clear can I be?

The only thing complex is the mystery of how we get in our own way and refuse to stop doing wrong and start doing right.

For the serious student of LIFEBALL, check out how Paul explains how he learned and discovered these principles of life in Romans chapter 7.