Logic is like dry toast. Toast with butter and jam is like logic soaked with imagination.

Dry toast gives nourishment. Toast with butter and jam provides nourishment and delight. 

Logic fueled by imagination makes the abstract rich and meaningful. Logic void of imagination is dull; tasteless to the senses.

Imagination without logic leads to poor judgment, faulty decision making, and roller coaster thinking.

Logic without imagination leads to rigidity, the absence of emotion, mechanical relationships and loss of joy, love, kindness, passion, and many other delights.

As a basketball coach and a teacher of life for young people, my objective was to train players to play like warriors and to be able to shed tears like a child.

This sounds so simple, yet in reality, it is the most difficult skill of all to master. The intricate balancing act between being a warrior and being a person of kindness and tenderness requires a multitude of life experiences.

These are a few Life Skills examples that display; compassion, love, and commitment.

The fierce warrior is willing to lay his life down for his cause and his people.
The gentle servant is willing to enter into sharing another’s pain and suffering.

The strong warrior prepares and practices to defeat the opponent.
The gentle servant places the needs of others above their own.

Do you have the good fortune to have one like this in your life?

Would anyone in your world consider you to be one of these?

It is most difficult, maybe impossible to be a warrior who can fight to his death and sob at a loved one’s tragedy or death.

Candidly my life changed the moment I knew and understood Jesus Christ embodied the warrior I wanted to be.