Key Statement: If you don’t listen you can’t learn; if you don’t act you will not learn.

“A lesson not learned is a lesson repeated.” -Dr. James Jones

Based on the key statement, action is intrinsically linked to learning. Successful businessman and former Gonzaga University basketball star, Mike Nilson, believes, “If you know it and you don’t do it, you don’t know it.”

A brilliant professor drilled this message into the minds of his students.  

“If you are sitting in this class with no intention to take action, it would be much better for you not to be here.”

Why would this professor make such an emphasis on taking action?

Everyone is always responsible for their attitude and behavior. Always!

When truth is revealed to us we become responsible to this truth. Action is demanded.

A few years ago, traveling south on I-5 a motorcycle policeman hit his flashing lights. I was in a red rental RAV4. In the fourth lane a big SUV passed 3 lanes of heavy traffic. The speed of three lanes was 70 MPH; big, black SUV close to 80.

As I looked in my rear view mirror I was not concerned until he pulled me over.

Officer I asked, “Why am I getting a $180 ticket and not the black SUV?”

Smiling the policeman responded, “I guess this is your lucky day. All four lanes were speeding, but you were going 70mph in a 60mph zone. I chose you.”

Two lessons to be learned.

Never go 70mph on the I-5 near Everett, Washington.

Don’t drive red cars that look like rental cars.

There are so many Biblical examples of the LLA principle.

Listen is a disciplined skill set. Few people are excellent listeners. Learning to see what you don’t see is more valuable that learning what you can see.

Learning requires one to be curious. This requires energy, enthusiasm, and effort.

Action demands motion. Get busy is my son Jay’s power words to imitate for his team.

Action today:

  1. Get Busy
  2. Listen better than any other day of your life.
  3. Learn or relate one thing today
  4. Act, get busy.

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