LIFEBALL – Wanna Play?

By far the most beneficial game ever invented in my opinion.

Dr. James Naismith invented basketball to give children something to do during cold Massachusetts’s winters with the hope of developing Christian virtue and character.

The equipment was an old peach basket hung high in a wall and a rag-ball that didn’t bounce. A ladder was even needed to retrieve made baskets.

Basketball has exceeded Dr. Naismith’s imagination for wintertime fun for youth, now millions escape cold winter weather in cozy gymnasiums to play the game.

As far as basketball being used to develop Christian virtue and character it seems to me the good doctor would be appalled at the current state of affairs as a whole.

My life time love relationship with basketball has motivated me to invent a superior game. Life ball – a better game than basketball for many reasons in my thinking:

  1. Anyone can play LIFEBALL at any age.
  2. It requires no equipment or a facility.
  3. The rules are few and easily understood.
  4. Every one wins.


Need only one person to join you. No limit on participants.

  1. Warm up your imagination – one of your most sacred gifts.
  2. Use your eyes to see all that is good around you from the most to the least obvious, and select a subject matter
  3. Take turns with other player(s) to speak gratitude – positive statements about the subject matter you have chosen.

The subject matter can be simple or complex.

Take something as simple as the following. At breakfast, home or restaurant choose toast or pancakes or bacon or eggs. Take turns quickly extolling the value of this item.

For the intellectual crowd choose something complex. I could not understand a thing while two relatives played LIFEBALL with back and forth praise of quantum mechanics, so chose a subject both players can relate with.

Sports-minded people can have great fun talking about their favorite sports team. A great LIFEBALL topic for football enthusiasts would be taking turns extolling each virtue one by one of their favorite football team, player or game. The options are endless.

LIFEBALL defeats boredom. LIFEBALL deepens conversation. LIFEBALL is a great game.

Wanna Play?

Once, Jennifer and I drove hours to an NBC Camp, for one hour we played LIFEBALL delighting in the Psalms. Jennifer quoted a Psalm; we popcorn (rapid fire taking turns highlighting key passages). Then it was yours truly to come up with a Psalm. The hour sped by! It was LIFEBALL at its best.

Wanna play some LIFEBALL? Only takes one person to invite, give it a try.