Each life experience has the potential to reward us three times.

#1. The Preparation Experience. Potentially, this can be an exciting time. Anticipation, hoping, planning and preparing are good things.

Example: I find the hunt for a new thing, be it shoes or a car, is more fun than the purchase. Thus I take two to three years to buy a car. I love the hunt.

#2. The Event Experience. Where are you? Right here right now. If we can win the moment we can win the minute; then the hour; then the day.

Live to love life. The enemy is to live in yesterday. This creates depression and regret.

Another enemy is living in the tomorrows, which brings us anxiety and fear.

#3. The Memory Event. If we prepare well, live the event fully, the memory is the best of the 3, because it can be relived the rest of our lives.

My joy cup runs over. Memory making is my plan. Game Changer is my purpose. Loving people is my action steps. Living in the moment will create fantastic memories.

Let’s live the moment today!