“Experience is a term used to name our mistakes.” – Oscar Wilde

There are four pillars that form the foundation for my meaning and purpose in life.  

Life experience is the fourth and most vital.

74 years is a ton of life experiences.  

These are a few keys I have learned in life experiences that compliment Wilder’s definition of experience:

  • If you are going to fail fast, fail fast. Get it done and begin fresh. Don’t look back.
  • If you are going to lose, lose now. In card games like bridge or pinochle, losing a trick early may mean winning the hand. Players who refuse to lose one obvious trick lose many more later.
  • If you are going to forgive, forgive quickly.
  • Why hold on for days; even years? Get it done so you get out of your Emotional Prison.
  • If you’re going to love them, they’ll make it a passion to fall in love with life.
  • If you are going death bed sick, die very soon. Of course the assumption here is one is ready to die because their life experience has the love, light, and Jesus as the cornerstone.

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