Something incredibly positive has happened during my 10-year journey of over 250 oncology appointments. As always, ATTITUDE is the difference-maker in all of life experiences, cancer being no exception. Attitude is definitely reflected in a person’s behavior, as well as that person’s thinking and feeling.

We win or lose the way we choose. With cancer, when I decided to embrace holding tenaciously to a positive mental attitude, blessings began to come my way.

  • BLESSING #1: The total elimination of all dread and fear.
  • BLESSING #2: The privilege to clothe the mind, heart, and spirit with gratitude and kindness.
  • BLESSING #3: The benefit of rejoicing in my brokenness, giving me the compassion to deeply care for the brokenness of others.

Personally, I was born during the darkest days of World War II, felt the suffering of many during the Korean War, endured the terrible Vietnam War during which one of my star players gave his life, identified with my African-American and Yupik basketball players through the 1960’s race-torn nation. Yet, in all these years, I have never experienced the hurt and pain I now see daily. 

There has never been a time such as now to heed the wise advice and life of my Nurse Michelle: Live with courage and be kind. A more memorable way of saying it is: LEAVE MAGIC WHEREVER YOU GO!