Life offers no greater gift with greater rewards than just loving people for no other motive than to love.

Frankly, I never much liked the slogan “Just Do It.” Seems to me it has more negative than positive connotations.

I like so much more, “Just Love People.”

Jesus commanded us to love people.

Great ones like Van Gogh inspired us with his art to love people.

Martin Luther King gave his life to encourage us to love people.

Mandela lived in jail for 27 years before becoming president of South Africa to prove loving people always wins over hate.

Mother Teresa lived in poverty and with the hopeless to show us the power we get when we love people.

Why is it so difficult to love people? Why is there so much anger in the world, in our homes and at our work?

Most important questions.

Do you love people?

Who are you actively loving today?

Satan our mortal enemy is the author of confusion and lies.

Five common Love People Thieves:

  1. Anger and blame.
  2. A critical spirit, trying to change people.
  3. Giving uninvited advice.
  4. I’m right you’re wrong, mindset.
  5. Attention hog. The world revolves around me.

Practice the people love plan:

Each day love at least one person, using the love language they need, not just the way you want to love them.

This assignment needs EQ. Emotional intelligence. WOH has several entries on EQ.