No reasonable person can dispute there are immutable, unchanging laws that govern our lives. There is no escape from them. 

One such law is the Law of Expectations. In practical terms, we tend to receive what we expect. Expectations set in motion thoughts and ideas. In turn, these eventually produce actions. Actions become our reality.

Changing the way we think is the first step to changing our behavior. However, speech comes before actions. Usually, we speak our thoughts and ideas, building our expectations with our words. As we speak, things usually become.

As one philosopher said: “Reading makes us full, speaking makes us prepared, and writing makes us exact.”

Therefore, if we want the Law of Expectations to work in positive outcomes, we must do three things:

  1. Decide the way we choose to think. This means immediate elimination of negative thoughts when they spring upon us.
  2. Speak life, not death, talk. Eliminate the declarative statements of: “I can’t, it’s too hard, I’m bored, I am not good enough.”
  3. Write and read positive statements and goals daily. These may start with: “I can, I will, I am…”

Examples of positive talk:

  • ” I am a winner.”
  • “I am a hard worker.”
  • “I love life.”
  • “People like me; I like people.”
  • “I can and I will.”

Deeper-layer examples of positive talk:

  • “I am loved by God.” (Psalm 36:7)
  • “I have the mind of Christ in me.” (Philippians 2:5)
  • “I can do all things through Christ.” (Philippians 4:13)

Like the law of gravity, the LAW OF EXPECTATION does not play favorites. Obey the law and you reap the benefits. Disobey and you suffer the consequences.