Imagine an arrow being one of the most important people in your life. What lessons can be learned from an experienced bow hunter?

Imagine hunting with the finest bow without one arrow in your quiver. This is like a lonely soul going through life without one trusted companion.

Imagine hunting with the finest bow with damaged arrows; ones mistreated, dull points, crooked shafts. Much like the person who has mistreated friendship after friendship; a life of broken relationships.

In reverse, imagine the care a wise bow hunter takes in taking care of his arrows. They are never taken for granted. They are scrutinized with precise inspection. They are repaired after each hunt and stored in a safe place.

Likewise, those with life arrows in their quivers treat their trusted loved ones and dear friends in a similar manner to the best archers in the world.

During this holiday season, take a human arrow one by one from your human arrow quiver and do the following.

  1. Examine the relationship carefully. Delight in each of your human arrows as a bowman delights in his collection of arrows.
  2. Appreciate the amazing qualities of this person as a bowman would value the miracle qualities of each arrow. The feathers, the shaft, and the arrowhead given treasured looks of appreciation. Treasure the arrows as gifts from God.
  3. Check for any possible damages in each of the arrow relationships just like the bowman inspects his arrows.
  4. Find a way to repair any issue in this important relationship like a bowman does in repairing his arrows.

The marksman does not expect the arrow to fix itself. Likewise, don’t expect your human arrows to fix the relationship between you. Make the first step in resolving your issues with this human arrow as far as is possible.

Unfortunately, some arrows cannot be repaired to his prized arrow. The best the bowman can do is salvage some of the parts.

This is also true in the human realm. At this point, Biblical wisdom commands us to live in forgiveness but it does not command us to have restitution or relationship.

The human arrow relationship is no longer in our quivers. Sad, but fact. Yet freedom comes through forgiven not retaliation.

Make today your Christmas present to others and to yourself. Start with one arrow at a time. Let your arrows know how special they are to you.

Many of you reading Fred Crowell’s Words of Hope are my arrows. Thank you.


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