Everybody is selling something. What’s for sale and are we willing to pay the price are critical questions.

Years ago, Susie and I pulled into a car dealership to look at cars, not to buy. I still see that salesman aggressively asking, “Do you like that car?”

“Yes, I like the car,” I said.

“What price would it take to buy this car right now!?” The dealer barked with anticipation.

Sticker price was $18,000.

“No, you will get mad at me if I give you the price I would pay for this car,” I said.

“Give me a price and you can drive it home.” The dealer snapped back.

“No, I won’t,” I retorted.

“Give me a price,” the dealer pleaded.

“Ok, I will buy the car right now for $5000,” I said honestly.

The salesman got angry. We drove home.

What’s for sale? How much does it cost?

An average funeral according to recent widows is 15 grand.

Depression is a billion dollar industry.

I was told cancer care on average is 350 large ones over 3 years

Divorce costs 50% of your total financial worth. If you play fair.

Unwillingness to forgive eventually costs you health, relationships, joy, and peace.

Smoking, on average, adds 10 years to your face and an earlier visit to the mortician.

College loans can get you a degree and free money until graduation; then Uncle Sam wants it ALL back at nearly 7% interest!

Credit cards are easy and free to get. I think my dog could qualify. When the debt gets too big to pay off to ZERO, 22%, torture is a common fee. Ouch!

Today’s WOH has something for sale.

On sale today is your personal commitment to be your best you.

What will it cost?  

For far too many, the cost is way too high. Just like the 18k car I was willing to pay 5k for.

The cost, if you choose moment by moment to be your best you, is all you have in your life skills toolbox. 

Dr. Saint Paul said it best, “Whatever you have in your hand, do it with everything you have for the glory of God.”

If you can’t do it for God do it for the ones you love most.

If you can’t do it for loved ones, do it for you.

The amazing reality, the closer we come to be our best self, the closer we come to live in His image.