How do you want to live?

A noted clinical psychologist believes if you don’t know the why you can never discover the how.  Based on this belief, the why becomes the fundamental crucial question.  Why do you want to live?

Looking back over my 75 years of trying to figure out the why and how the two components now seem more important than ever. Why and how do I want to live?

Nearly every person who has experienced a dramatic health issue (as a stroke, heart attack, or cancer) tells me the same thing:  “It changed my life — I now see things differently.”

Therefore, what we are saying is: “I have a new how because I have a new why.”

If the reality of a near-death medical predication or an altering health issue closes in on you, it can be a good thing.  In the world of sports, the game is played with greater intensity as the final plays of a closely contested game are approached.  Fans also give greater intensity. 

So now the question of why and how do you want to live becomes the most desirable discovery.  It also determines the mysterious miracle of living in full color or in dull grey.  When you can write out your answer in crystal clear terms, you will begin a higher level of living.