One of the most enlightening Biblical chapters is I Corinthians 13. Here Apostle Paul extols love as the highest creative act of human giftedness. Despite all the gifts, it is love that will go on forever and is the focal point.

Yet, faith and hope are also included in the vital trifecta. Hope itself is a shining star in many places in God’s Holy Word. One theologian wrote: “Love cannot exist without hope, and this is Jesus, the anchor to our souls.” Paul said faith and love spring from the hope stored up in heaven.

As we live today, we see many hope opportunities. These may be people, dreams, and career goals. Yet, these may change or go unfulfilled. Leading to disappointment. The only real hope that does not disappoint is the hope God has given us. We can hold our heads high no matter what happens because God has filled our hearts — to overflowing — with His love. All is well. This is the foundation of our hope.

What is the takeaway? Carefully select the best anchor to help keep you safe.  What will this anchor do? It will maintain and hold you in position. It will save the day especially in times of emergency. It will keep you from being swept away by wind or waves, secured by the anchor a distance away. It will then provide confidence and assurance. 

Our anchor is Jesus, pure and reliable hope.